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Business Matchmaking

Utilizing our global network, KOTRA arranges business meetings between Korean companies and foreign buyers.

Trade Delegation

KOTRA cooperates with local governments and institutions to dispatch trade delegations consisting of SMEs wishing to engage in overseas business. Export consulting is also provided for foreign buyers by KOTRA’s overseas offices.

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KOTRA creates the opportunity for foreign companies to meet with industry-leading Korean companies at international exhibitions or major exhibitions in Korea.

Exhibitions and Conventions

K-Global @ Silicon Valley

K-Global is an annual convention held to acknowledge Korea’s competitive technological advancements at Silicon Valley since 2012 . We hope to introduce you to up-to-date technological trends in our current environment, build new business relations, and promote mutual advancement.

K-Tech Online @ Silicon Valley

The K-Tech Online @ Silicon Valley webinar series was created by KOTRA Silicon Valley to introduce industry trends, recent trade policies,

and innovative technologies to help promote business relations between the United States and South Korea. KOTRA Silicon Valley hosted a K-Tech online series on the topics of automobiles, AI, crowdfunding, semiconductors, and more.

Global Partners (GP)

An open innovation model is implemented in forming business partnerships between global enterprises and Korean companies. Partnerships in R&D and the development of parts/materials lead to mutual benefits involving technological cooperation, product sourcing, and equity investment.

Invest KOREA
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From initial consultation to aftercare, KOTRA promotes and supports inbound/outbound investments at every step of the investment process

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